Voice Over IP

Could anyone have ever imagined that there would come a time, when a telephone would no longer be required to make phone calls? With our range of Voice over IP services, not only will you be able to do the same, but also save a lot of money. Our technical experts will ensure that the system is setup properly and should there be people in your team who are not aware of it works, our team will also offer proper training.

Hosted PBX Solution

If you are setting up a new office, one of the first things you will need is a proper communications system. A PBX or private branch exchange is a great idea, especially because we will set it up for you.

Unified Comunication

It does not come as a surprise that more and more people are opting to make their move to unified communications in Vail Colorado. The benefits of using such systems are tremendous and a growing number of companies are starting to realize the same.

Ship Trunks

Gone are the days when an office meant having several phones and meters and meters of cable running from one end of the office to another. This is the day and age of modern technology and most offices are now opting for alternate methods of communication.

Market research firm Infonetics Research has released results from its latest VoIP and UC Services and Subscribers market forecast report, indicating an almost 10 percent uptick in the global VoIP services market. Infonetics forecasts that the $63 billion total revenue from combined residential and business VoIP services will grow to $82.7 billion in 2017. The international market reach also continues to expand.
Over the past two posts I’ve tried to outline the difference between legacy telephony and VoIP in terms of the potential vulnerability around security breaches. From those posts I hope you understand how the underlying technologies are fundamentally different and why today’s security threats apply essentially to VoIP but not TDM. If you miss that, then you probably don’t see why VoIP should carry any such risk, especially if after all these years you’ve never had a problem with legacy telephony.