Security System

We understand how much effort you would have put into the establishment of your company or organisation. This is why we offer a range of security systems. We welcome you to choose from an array of video security systems, IP based security systems and even web video surveillance systems. After understanding your specific requirements, we will suggest the best system for you and also ensure proper installation. With our security systems in place, you will be able to breathe a little easier!

IP Sequrity Systems

There is something that every company, every store needs and that something is security. In order to get the best video security systems in Vail Colorado, owners of such business establishments will have to get in touch with experts.

IP Cameras

In the early days, when a huge shop or establishment opened, several guards would be stationed outside to ensure that no thefts occurred. With the dawn of modern technology, the number of these guards came down and security cameras took their place.While camera surveillance in Vail Colorado ...

Remote Viewing

Imagine being able to sit in any corner of the world and being able to look into your security system. There was once a time when no one would have believed this to be possible.However, today it is absolutely possible and with a security system with remote viewing capacity it is actually quite easy.

The cameras of the future will be customized for customers with apps, the same way we currently customize our smartphones, Nilsson said. With that in mind, Axis also announced a partnership with the Wentworth Institute of Technology, a college in Boston, where students will design apps for cameras. One professor, Charles Hotchkiss, and two students, Joshua Ramirez and Nicholas Gelfman, attended the breakfast and the two students talked about the apps they’ve already developed